Trijicon AccuPoint 1-4x24 Review

Trijicon AccuPoint 1-4x24 review

Trijicon AccuPoint 1-4x24 with dual illuminated reticle

The numbers

1-4x Magnification 14oz
3.2" eye relief
4.6-18 deg field of view
0.25 MOA adjustments
Tritium & Optic fiber
illuminated reticle
14.4oz total weight (no mount)

This review is still ongoing, but as it will take a while for me to finish, I wanted to put my initial impressions out there.

There has been a large increase in the use of AR-15s as sporting rifles. For that purpose, the AccuPoint is an excellent (if slightly expensive) choice. It has the clarity you would come to expect from Trijicon. In low light, the clarity is even better than I had expected from that small an objective lens.

Sometimes with optics, double the price does not equal twice the optic, but compared to many of the brands that run a similar scope for half the price, the AccuPoint really is about twice as good. Certainly it is twice as clear and easy to use in low light. The dual

Trijicon fiber optic adjustment

No more tape to adjust brightness, just move the collar

Trijicon 1-4x AccuPoint on YHM upper

AccuPoint 1-4 on a YHM upper and JP lower

illumination is very functional. The tritium reticle is bright enough to see easily when there is not enough light for the optic fiber. Trijicon also built an adjustable hood for the optic fiber, so you can shade some of it during bright sunlight if the reticle gets too bright. 

The eye relief gives enough leeway to allow shooting from a variety of positions.


The reticle does exactly what it was designed to do: It provides rapid aiming with accuracy when the windage and elevation are close to the required settings. It is crisp and enjoyable to shoot with. There are limited options for the 1-4x version of the AccuPoint though. Specifically, they offer a mil dot reticle for the models with greater magnification and I would personally prefer a mildot to the German crosshair that I trailed. The German crosshair is a nice sporting reticle, but for holding off at longer ranges it is outperformed by many other reticles.


Crosshair: The 1/4 MOA windage and elevation adjustments give crisp and positive feedback. I want to test further and really measure how close to 1/4 MOA they are, especially as the ACOG has a reputation for having some variance in the actual adjustment from click to click (as in no 2 clicks are exactly equal, or exactly what they are supposed to be). But my initial testing is that they are bang on and your money is not just buying clarity, but also accurately machined adjustment threads.

Power: The turn between 1x and 4x takes about what you would expect in terms of distance, however out of the factory it is very stiff. I works well and the stiffness is nice to prevent any accidental changing of power, but if you want to run a 3 gun match and switch from 4 to 1 power in a half second, then you may not get what you want. I am guessing it will ease up some with use, but even adding a lever will not let you beat a second for the switch.


Who should consider buying it?

Anyone who uses their AR as a sporting rifle. Especially those that shoot in a variety of light conditions. If you want a pure battle optic, stick with the ACOG or the Elcan, but if you shoot a lot from the prone and want precise adjustments and a crisp focus, then you should check out the AccuPoint. Certainly if you want to make tight groups out past 300m with your AR, you will benefit from the clarity and 1-4 power. 


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