Is Glock the best pistol ever made?

The short answer is no. It is not. Great pistol? Yes. But the best ? -No. In no way is Glock the most accurate pistol. Nor is it the most concealable. Or safest, lightest, cheapest or most customizable pistol. It just scores high on all points, making it a great all around pistol.

dirty Glock 19

Glock 19 after ~1000 rounds with no cleaning

So if it is not the best, why do I have a whole menu tab for it and not some other pistol? The explanation comes down to what, in my opinion, a pistol is for and when I have used/am likely to use one. A pistol is not the weapon of choice when you are expecting to defend yourself or someone you care about. It is also not the weapon of choice when you are planning or expecting to do combat. People go for the most firepower available to them. 

Historians have long marveled at the fact that the weight soldiers carry to war has remained virtually the same since time began, despite technological advancements making weapons lighter and more deadly.  What those historians don’t appreciate is that when it comes to war, we carry as much as possible while still being able to move. The weight a human can carry all day and still fight has not changed much, so the weight we carry to war has not changed much either, because while a pistol is better than a sword, a rifle is better than a pistol.  More simply put, if I could take a minigun to a pistol fight, I would absolutely do so.

But I just can’t carry that much. I can carry a rifle or shotgun though - (as well as a pistol) – so I won’t ever show up to a fight or likely fight with just a pistol.

What a pistol does for me is allow me to have a weapon to use if my rifle goes down, or a weapon to use that can gain me some advantage or separation if the unexpected happens. Their weight, power and concealability combine to make a truly awesome tool.  However it is a tool with limited range that will be needed in dire, often unexpected situations.  Those two facts combined, for me, equal a weapon that I need to be able to use rapidly and without thought and needs to be extremely reliable. When a situation turns south under 25 yards, things happen very fast and even fractions of a second are precious. In the words of some instructors I have had – you have the rest of your life to make an accurate shot with a pistol.

dirty Glock slide locked to rear

Same Glock 19 after ~1000 rounds with slide locked to rear

So while I love many different pistols, I had to select one to drill with. I need to be the best I can be with one pistol, not an ok shot with many.  Glocks allow me to train with 9mm but still be accurate with .45. The change in grip and trigger pull is small enough that under pressure I can draw and fire any model of Glock and hit what I need to.  Glocks are relatively cheap, easy to get and very plentiful.  Above all else, they are reliable and simple to use.

I do agree that the trigger is awful. And $200 worth of upgrades merely takes it from awful to bad. The break is more like a wet carrot snapping than a glass rod breaking. But there are a couple of reasonable improvements you can make like the ghost rocket.

I aim to add some of the few aftermarket changes that I think are worth it for a Glock and maybe some other things, but for now my point is simply if you are looking for a great pistol for general use, go with Glock. 

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