WARFYTR  mag carrier/pouch review


Production models now available for sale at WARFYTR's website

The price is $45 with 2 mounting hooks.This model is for GI mags, the Magpul PMag version is coming out next year. Below is my initial review of their magazine pouch/carrier, however I took possession of one of their early production models and I have to say, I like it a lot. It is even better than the prototype I reviewed. I also have some additional info that I want to put out about it - I mostly run the carrier on my belt and I get asked occasionally if I can draw from the prone. The answer is yes, and just as easily as from any other position. Because you twist out, then pull, the position does not affect the draw. The only exception to this I found was drawing from a vehicle seat. It is still a fast, easy draw, but not as easy as standing or prone. 

The production model comes with 2 unique mounting hooks. The are available as stand alone item from the website also and they are worth checking out for their sake. I tried to use the BlackHawk molle holster mount plate and I ended up ditching it for zip ties and 550 cord. I bought the Brokos Belt because I wanted to be able to easily mount a blade-tech holster from a belt that had molle (you can weave the belt in and out of the molle on the Brokos). But the mounting hooks from WARFYTR mean you can do that now without buying a new belt. Though I do still like my belt. 

Can you spare 5 seconds to watch a fast reload? (Video courtesy of The Shooters Source)


And lastly, I wanted to mention that after talking with owner, I really started to appreciate the work, R&D and T&E that went into their products (and is going into the upcoming stuff). Just selecting the exact recipe of polymer took months and multiple trials.  I think it shows in the final product and while the $45 price tag puts it up there compared to some other options, the quality matches the price. I would recommend it to anyone that rates performance over price. 

Initial review:

I figured everything had already been done magazine pouch/carrier wise about 5 years ago. For those that remember the PEZ dispenser inspired STRAC Tech? Well that was just more confirmation for me that getting unique meant getting ridiculous. But it turns out there is room for a new unique, simple and functional mag carrier. Both for pistol and rifle.  

I trialed the WARFYTR (pronounced "Warfighter") after seeing a buddy with one at the range. I was immediately intrigued by the down draw capability as it solves a number of issues: It lets you access concealed magazines fast, without any complex movement and without fighting against your own gear. Just reach under a shirt and pull it out. It is still fast when concealed, but with no concealment, it is the fastest mag carrier I have ever used. While there may be a couple that are slightly quicker on the market - they don't offer the practical retention that the WARFYTR does, so I have not bought them. 

No slave to gravity

To see one being worn defies logic at first and it is also the reason the product is so unique. Anyone can add tension to a pouch until a 30rd mag cannot fall out upside down. But then you work against the tension on the draw. WARFYTR has figured a way to make the magazine stay where it needs to, upside down, even while running and jumping, but then come free easily when needed. There are no straps, levers, tension bands, or buckles. The concept is proprietary (patent pending) and also remarkably simple. It is not my place to give the secret away before the first production run is done and patent or not, people will copy WARFYTR’s idea once they see how easy the solution is.  However, I can tell you that while wish I had thought of it myself, I am still glad someone did because my trial carriers are not on my kit to stay.

NOTE: I use the term "upside down" but really it is rightside up, already oriented to the weapon. The mag sits the way it sits in the magazine well, so movement is more efficient than with the usual pouch or carrier. That fact also adds to the speed of the reload. 

Respect the battle real estate

Belt space is premium real estate for gear. While I enjoyed the draw of the Blade Tech single mag holder, it took up too much room and I ultimately went back to cordura pouches. WARFYTR makes the only single mag pouches I have seen that can compete with cordura for a lack of excess bulk.  


Who should buy it?

Concealed carry seems the obvious choice, but these carriers are just as good with full kit/exposed duty belts etc. I think everyone would benefit from having at least one emergency reload, but the carrier will certainly come into its own on the 3 gun and IPSC/IDPA circuit where fast reloads are essential. It will also be a huge benefit to anybody who needs fast access to a hidden magazine (pistol or rifle).  The days of a security contractor in Iraq and Afghanistan having 10+ exposed magazines and a drop leg pistol holster are going away fast.  Low profile is the future of contracting and that is where I believe WARFYTR Equipment is set to dominate.


Testing conditions to date

WARFYTR First look video from


To test it initially I wore it for a week of range training. In that time I used it during drills, quals and dry practice. I used it from concealment under a jacket, with body armor on and also just on a belt with no obstruction at all. I pulled a magazine from it approximately 750 times in that week and I will keep using it and report if there are any new things to not, but while 750 may not sound like a lot, it makes for a lot of shooting and dry practice in a 6 day period. The Down-Draw™ carrier takes about half a second off my previous time with a blade-tech pouch worn on an exposed belt, which is a huge improvement. Update: My count is now over 1000. There are no signs of change, tension lessening or any issues to report. Update: Upon receiving the production level carrier (not the original prototype), I have beat up and used it on a daily basis. It is even tougher than the prototype and I expect it to last for life, but I will update this page if there is any issues. 

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