What is the best equipment for tactical use?

This is a huge topic and involves deeply personal opinions. However I do want to put out what I have learned in years of buying gear and trying it out. Of course, the conditions in which you use or expect to use your gear make for a huge difference in what gear is good for you. But there is still some stuff that is always good to have and some that is worth avoiding at all costs. A good pistol holster, go-bag, magazine pouches, tactical/combat/police belt and even load bearing vest, are needed or useful to just about anyone interested in the guns talked about on this site.

My mindset on gear

Competitions are great, but I have no plans abandon realistic gear to win one. I would rather come last and use the opportunity to get better at practical shooting. Guns have many uses, but mine are primarily for killing people. I will not draw a gun with no intent to use it - for me, I carry them to deliver lead where I want it, not to intimidate people.  Chasing increased speed and function from gear is what has driven me to spend countless hours online looking at every bit of gear I ever heard about.  There is a whole lot out there and I can't test it all. But with as many buddies and co-workers as I have that all have the money and interest to try new things, I have been able to see and test a lot of gear.  I don't feel that less is more when it comes to ammo. While it may be true that statistically most shootings only need 2 rounds to be decided once way or another, it is also true that statistically most people never need a gun to defend themselves. I don't carry for the most likely, I carry to be as prepared as possible for the unlikely. So I carry 1-4 spare pistol magazines at a minimum. 


About my use of gear

I carry at least one gun at all times for work, so gear needs to be comfortable.  I have a 34” waist and my belt is premium real estate for battle equipment. I prioritize pistol ammo on my left side, on the logic that needing to reload a pistol in a firefight is a more time sensitive priority than anything else.  Behind the pistol mags, I have 2 rifle mags and I want at least one of them to be very, very easy to get to. 

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