Ambi/Left handed friendly AR-15/308 Parts

Ambidextrous AR15

AXTS Ambi lower

I am right handed. I hate shooting left handed, but as a man much smarter than me (DH) says "would you rather learn how to do it now, or while getting shot at?"  So I practice, but I also can't help but notice that the M4 was not built for left handed people. There are some very fast, very good left handed shooters out there, but they are working against the design of an M4/AR-15 in some ways. The safety, charging handle, bolt release, mag release and even ejection port were made for right handed shooters.

But, thankfully, there is now quite a few options out there for the left handed (eye dominant) folk.


Seekins Precision, note the right site bolt drop button

The AMBI options:

Full AMBI lower: AXTS

Ambi bolt release lower: Seekins Precision and POF

Ambi ejecting upper: Quality Arms

Ambi charging upper: ADCOR Defense (charging handle is forward on the upper - either side), LAR Grizzly (Charges from a handle out of the BCG on either side)

Ambi charging handle: AXTS, Phase 5 Tactical, Parabellum Armament, Rainier, BCM

Ambi magazine release (that works with a regular lower): Norgon, Troy (Norgon review)

Ambi selector: Too many to mention

ADCOR defense ambi charging upper

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