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This site is intended to help those who are always searching for the most accurate, versatile, strongest, durable, usable or even cheapest AR style rifle for their particular need. It has been and still is a lot of work, but if it continues to help people save some money or feel more comfortable ordering a part they have never seen before, then it has been worth it. I made this site because I wish it had been there for me thousands of dollars ago, out of gratitude for all the great information others have put out that helped me and because I took all the time to learn this stuff so I wanted to make it easier if anyone else wants to learn it too.

5.56 Ammo test rifle

While anything you could ever want to know about any part is probably already posted elsewhere, it can be hard to sift through the speculation and misinformation that is also out there. I have a love-hate relationship with gun forums. There is some truly awesome information to be found, but sometimes it can take hours of sifting through pages of off topic talk, regurgitated rumor and parroted opinion to find it.

It is important when using this site to understand where I am coming from, gun selecting wise. I love all guns and I love shooting any gun, however my aim has never been to be good with all weapons. It is to be great with just a few. My goal is to have as few guns fill as many roles as possible. That, combined with over 10 years of carrying an M4 professionally, has led me to select the AR-15 (and variant) platform for almost all my rifle needs. Cost and availability of ammunition is also a huge consideration. I stockpile ammo. For that reason, military calibers are more attractive to me than a more rare round that may have better ballistics.

The site is still (and will always be) a work in progress and I will update the information as regularly as I have time. My goal is to make it as comprehensive as possible. I appreciate all the input people have given and I hope it keeps coming. I am considering making a couple of pages for guys that have offered some great input. I will give credit to anyone using their name or nickname unless they tell me they don't want me to. I want to filter all the info out there and put out every good piece of advice I can.

I know right now the site is text heavy and needs a lot of pics. I am working on that also, but if you have pics of your own you are willing to put up then by all means send them in. I am not comfortable just taking pics from forums and using them without permission.

If you have any questions, suggestions or you would like me to publish something of yours on the site, please email me atgunquester2@gmail.com, but understand it may take me some time to get back to you depending on my work schedule.

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